Fitting F.A.Q's

  • Why do we do “a complimentary fitting with purchase of a bra”?

We don’t charge for the fitting. It’s at no cost to you. The process is to provide well fitted bras not just a size.


  • Do you have sports bras?

Yes! We carry high-intensity sports bras.


  • Do you have nursing bras?

Yes! We have underwire and non-underwire nursing bras. We also convert standard bras, BOUGHT FROM US ONLY, into nursing bras for a small fee.


  • How do you fit?

The art of fitting a bra is all by eyesight and experience. We don’t use tape measures. All staff are experienced fitters.


  • Can you tell me my bra size?

Once you are properly fitted you will know your bra size. You will see the difference before and after.


  • Do you have bras for bigger chests?

Yes! We carry A to K, so please come in and get fitted!


  • Can I wear a strapless bra?

Yes, you can! Strapless bras have to be specially fitted because of the band size.